7 Ways

to climate consciousness

Tackling our global climate crisis requires much more than reducing our carbon emissions. Our calamitously hothouse earth is just a symptom of the much deeper crisis we must face: a crisis of conscience and of consciousness. To survive it, we must be willing to interrogate and overhaul the social, political, and economic systems that got us into this mess in the first place. This means radically rethinking every aspect of our daily lives. And we need to do it fast. 7 Ways to Climate Consciousness offers a framework to support this transformation, not only by changing our behaviours and actions, but more importantly, by confronting the underlying beliefs and values that drive them.

As evident in the recent rise of youth climate activism, the greatest obstacle to evolving the consciousness of children is often the adults from whom they learn tacit and explicit lessons about how to be human. With this in mind, I designed 7 Ways to support the development of climate consciousness in adults and children alike. It can be used by schools, families, couples, co-workers, friends and neighbours supporting each other’s commitment to ongoing change. 7 Ways in 7 Days further supports the change process by breaking it down into more manageable pieces. 7 Ways in the Curriculum offers particular advice for teachers and schools. New resources are always being added.

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