Meal-time Monday

Reduce your impact

What can you do?

The combined impacts of industrialised agriculture produce more emissions than the entire global transport industry. It is also the chief cause of wildlife extinction through habitat loss. A sustainable food industry for people and planet hinges on reducing global meat consumption by 50% overall and up to 90% in affluent Western countries such as Australia.

If you are a meat-eating household, eliminating meat consumption on Meal-time Mondays is a great way to ease your transition to a more sustainable diet. If you are already vegetarian, eat vegan. If you’re vegan, invite non-vegan friends and family to dinner or eat out to support a local vegetarian business.


On Meal-time Monday, try to cook only with what is in-season and with locally sourced, organic produce. Invite everyone to actively engage in every aspect from selecting the recipe to cooking the meal. (Re)learn together what it means to eat a nutrient-rich and balanced diet that contributes to the good health of both people and planet.

Do a lifestyle audit to identify and understand all your domestic consumption patterns. Explore other ways to reduce your impact by cutting your energy needs.

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