Use your voice

What can you do?

Whether through organised activism or your personal interactions, Spread-the-word Saturday invites you to use your voice with enthusiasm, buoyed by connection and community. Lead the way to climate consciousness by enthusiastically sharing the story of your own personal process of transformation.  

You can talk about it, blog about it, take a selfie, make a movie, post to socials, send a text. Bring friends and other families together as a 7 Ways community and use the voice of your experience to shepherd them safely to the learning edge of discomfort. Share your experiences with the 7 Ways online community and inspire others outside your immediate circle, too. 


Devote some of your weekend to climate activism. Find an existing group or project or start one of your own. You could kick off a climate art project, a campaign to declare a climate emergency, or an anti-consumerism clothes swap. 

Think expansively about the range of inequalities and injustices to which you might give voice to support the transition to climate consciousness. Find a way that speaks to you and lend your voice to the mass movement for change.

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