Slow Sunday


What can you do?

On Slow Sunday, we reject the consumerist obsession with speed. In this sense, slowing down is a powerful symbolic act of resistance. More importantly, slowing down supports the awakening of our awareness. It gives us time to notice, to make sense of what we see, to care about it, and to remember to remain awake. In other words, it makes space for reflection.

Slow Sunday is a time to stop and take stock, to reflect on the 7 Ways week just passed and your transition to climate consciousness. What have you learned? What have you felt? What have you done? What have you changed? What more are you ready for?


Try exploring these questions through embodied practices such as gardening, painting, and dance. These are especially good for getting out of our heads and connecting with the attitudes and emotions underlying our thoughts and actions.

Record your reflections in a journal – or a blog, a photo-essay, or video – and encourage others to do the same. Share your reflections and hatch some plans for the week ahead. But remember, reflection is not the same as problem solving or planning. Beware turning this into one more task on your to-do list. And don’t forget to go slow.

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