Use your voice

Why does it matter?

Given the scale of our climate crisis, individual lifestyle changes alone will not save us. As citizens, we must also exert pressure on our governments to legislate for structural change. If history is anything to go by, then nonviolent direct action is our best shot at forcing legislation for radical policy change on climate.

Choosing to ‘use your voice’ is an attitude, one that grows courageously out of ‘wanting to know.’ To use your voice is to acknowledge that you have one, to feel whatever agency you have (however little it may be) and, with that, your responsibility to use it in the name of all who have none.

There are many ways to use your voice. Nonviolent direct action for policy change is certainly powerful but there are others, too.



Within the celebrated history of civil disobedience movements there are also important lessons about the limitations of the law to affect meaningful or lasting social change. In other words, radical policy change might bring us back from the brink of extinction but to secure our long term survival, we will need to change hearts and minds as well.

Think expansively about the range of inequalities and injustices to which you might give voice to support the transition to climate consciousness. Whether through organised activism or your personal interactions, find a way that speaks to you and lend your voice to the mass movement for change

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