Climate 7

Our global climate crisis is a massive problem in its own right. But it’s also the symptom of a much bigger crisis; one of human conscience and of consciousness. To get through it, we must be willing to overhaul the social, political, and economic systems that got us into this mess in the first place. And to do that, we need to radically transform ourselves. I developed Climate 7 to assist us in that process. 

My name is Dr Rachel Forgasz. I am the teacher/researcher behind Climate 7.  My belief in the power of Education has seen me work in the sector for over twenty years. As I woke up to the extent of our global climate crisis, I started asking big questions about the whole point of Education and schooling for young people living and learning in these troubled times. Climate 7 was my response; a framework to support us to transform our beliefs, attitudes, and actions, and make the collective transition to climate consciousness. 

The 7 Ways are an invitation to wholehearted inner adaptation, by transforming the core attitudes, values, and beliefs that drive our individual actions and our collective systems. 

7 Ways in 7 Days supports this process of transformation by offering us a structure to practice each of the 7 ways in a weekly routine of focused actions. 

Climate 7 is for children and adults, individuals and groups. It is for anyone seeking to make the kind of change our world requires of us  

I am passionate about co-creating positive communities of change. I offer Climate 7 workshops, webinars, bespoke programs, and resources for families, schools, businesses, local councils, and community organisations. Send me a message to find out more.


Past collaborations & presentations

Ethical Consumption & Life Cycle Analysis (Teacher PD for Stella Maris Primary School, 2023)

7 Ways in 7 Days: Everyday Rituals for Connecting with Ourselves, One Another, and the Earth @ Learning for Sustainability Conference (Eastern Alliance for Sustainable Learning, 2023)

Deep Listening (Deep Adaptation Forum, ongoing in 2023)

Earth Listening (Deep Adaptation Forum, ongoing in 2023)

Climate Action Curriculum Design (Edendale Community Farm, 2022 – 2023)

Hospicing Modernity Reading Group (Climate 7, 2022 – 2023)

Climate Conscious Teaching through The Arts (Workshop series for Stella Maris Primary School, 2022)

Climate 7 Professional Learning Webinar (CERES Community Environment Park & Monash/Boorondara Teachers’ Environment Network, 2022)

Playing Our Part in Troubled Times @ COP26 Climate Mini-Series (Monash University, Faculty of Education, 2021)

Active Hope Training (Climate 7, 2021)

7 Ways to Climate Consciousness Webinar (Boeing Research & Technology Australia, 2020)

Deep Adaptation Reading Group (Climate 7, 2020)

7 Ways to Climate Consciousness Webinar (Green Living Community Events Program, Moonee Valley City Council, 2020)

Climate 7 Professional Learning Webinar (Banyule/Nillumbik Teachers’ Environment Network, 2020)

RESET Reading Group (Climate 7, 2020)

Climate 7 Women (International Women’s Day address , Haileybury Girls Middle School, 2020)

Climate 7 Teacher Professional Development Workshop (Haileybury Girls Middle School, 2020)

Living in Alignment through Climate 7 (Yoga X, 2020)

Teaching for Climate Consciousness @ Learning for Sustainability Conference (Eastern Alliance for Sustainable Learning, 2020) 

Western Suburbs Parents’ Intro Workshops (Climate 7, 2020)

Climate 7 Parents’ Workshop (XR Families, 2019)

“It’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity” @ Nossal High School Monash Challenge (Access Monash, 2019)

7 Ways in 7 Days @ “Small Steps to a Bigger Change” Student Conference (Suzanne Cory High school, 2019) 

7 Ways to Climate Consciousness @ Monash Knowledge Summit (Monash University, 2019)P

I am a settler Australian living on the unceded lands of the Gulidjan and Gadubanud nations. I am deeply humbled by their enduring connection to country over tens of thousands of years and pay my respects to elders past, present, and emerging. I am committed to dismantling colonial oppression and acknowledge the fundamental connection between First Nations justice and climate justice across the globe.

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