Why does it matter?

For many of us, the multi-tasking-outcomes-focused-rush of the day-to-day prevents us from even noticing what is going on around us. We are far too busy to have time to care about the experiences of our fellow humans, other species, or the planet.

Reflection allows us to look back on our experiences and make sense of our actions. But the breakneck pace at which we live means there often isn’t time. Instead, we move blindly from one experience to the next, with the capacity to be neither discerning nor critical. If we do not reflect, we cannot effectively plan so we often find ourselves at the whim of other people’s schedules. Our relationships can lack depth and stagnate because we do not make sense of interactions in between times.


Reflecting on our experiences allows us to feel into feelings and uncover underlying attitudes that we may not have been aware of at the time. Unless we reflect, we do not entirely make sense to ourselves and nor does the world around us. We can remain stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour that we do not quite understand. Slowing down for reflection supports the awakening of our awareness. Reflection gives us time to notice, to make sense of what we see, to care about it, and to remember to remain awake.

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