Feeling-it Friday


What can you do?

Engage in practices that support you to connect and to feel your feelings – about yourself, one another, the state of the world. 

Make your home a place where feelings are freely shared. Maybe yours already is. But for many of us, being emotionally self expressed with our families can be challenging. Difficult emotions like despondency and despair can be so painful to witness that we are sometimes too quick to distract or lighten the mood. 

Invent games to support children’s knowing and naming of feelings. Have very young children share a rose (something positive), a thorn (something painful) and a banana peel (something funny). 

As well as connecting with ourselves and one another, Feeling-it Friday is an invitation to connect with nature; connect with plants, animals, and place; and with the more-than-human totality of the whole web of life. 


Create individual and community rituals to honour your love and your grief for our dying world. Feel fully. Grieve deeply. Express your anger, fear, despair, and feel them shift. Harness their power to fuel new action.

Ease in with something silent and private; a ritual space to be alone together in the tenderness of unspoken emotion. Then use embodied practices like song and dance to encourage the full throttled feeling and expression of your collective feelings. Compile a playlist by choosing a song each to capture your feelings. Play it loud. Feel the music and let it move you. Understand each other’s emotions by feeling them in your bodies. Dance outside. Feel the earth. 

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