7 Ways in 7 Days

Humans are creatures of habit. That’s why making change is often so hard. 7 ways in 7 days supports the transformation of consciousness by breaking down the process into more manageable, bite sized pieces. It invites focused contemplation on just one of the 7 Ways per day. Make one kind of change every day of the week. Make it on the same day each week. Over time, daily actions and attitudes that once seemed impossible will become your new normal. You may turn around one day to find you have adopted them across the board. If not, then make a point of doing so. Remember, 7 ways in 7 days is intended as a starting point – not an end in itself – in the transition to climate consciousness. Click on each of the Days below to find out more.

Meal-time Monday

Reduce your impact

Watch-it Wednesday

learn and unlearn

Thank-you Thursday

Quit consumerism

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