Transport Tuesday

Question convenience

What can you do?

Transport Tuesday is an invitation to practise making ethical choices even if they are inconvenient. Wherever you’re going, prioritise sustainability over convenience to determine how you will get there. Take public transport, carpool, walk, ride a bike. If you already use the most sustainable option, invite someone else to join you. If you have school-aged children, ask the school to support a weekly carpooling initiative for parents or a walk-or-ride-to-school campaign.

If you can’t change the way you transport yourself, use Transport Tuesday to rethink how you transport your things. Avoid prepackaged food and  single use plastics. Find environmentally responsible ways to get your stuff from A to B. 


If for whatever reason transport change isn’t an option for you, choose another area of daily decision making as the focus of your weekly commitment to question convenience.

Interrogate the priorities that drive all your consumer choices (eg food, fashion, personal hygiene, cleaning). Consider the consequences from an ethical perspective and try making different choices based on what is best for people and planet. Initially, you might think “I can’t afford to do that.” But when you begin to question convenience, you see that, in truth, you really can’t afford not to.

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