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COVID 7: Climate 7 practices for pandemic times

With all the upheaval of lockdown life, you might not feel like now is the best time to up the ante on your daily commitment to climate consciousness. But maybe now is actually the perfect time? You can access COVID 7 packs with weekly themed Climate 7 practices from the resources page. Here’s how committing to your Climate 7 practice during lockdown & social isolation might do some good:

  • Connect as a Climate 7 community (on FB, within your household, or with a bunch of socially distant friends) to reduce loneliness and isolation.
  • The routine of a daily practice offers some structure amid the chaos.
  • Climate 7 encourages the same practices that we are told will support our mental health (eg practicing gratitude, staying connected, mindful reflection).
  • Committing to the transition to climate consciousness might give a sense of purpose to long days and nights in lockdown.
  • There will never be a better time to start living in accordance with the healthy post-virus future we want for people and planet

Past workshops & presentations

7 Ways to Climate Consciousness Webinar (Boeing Research & Technology Australia, 2020)

7 Ways to Climate Consciousness Webinar (Green Living Community Events Program, Moonee Valley City Council, 2020)

Climate 7 Professional Learning Webinar (Banyule/Nillumbik Teachers’ Environment Network, 2020)

Climate 7 Women (International Women’s Day address , Haileybury Girls Middle School, 2020)

Climate 7 Teacher Professional Development Workshop (Haileybury Girls Middle School, 2020)

Living in Alignment through Climate 7 (Yoga X, 2020)

Teaching for Climate Consciousness @ Learning for Sustainability Conference (Eastern Alliance for Sustainable Learning, 2020) 

Western Suburbs Parents’ Intro Workshops (Climate 7, 2020)

Climate 7 Parents’ Workshop (XR Families, 2019)

“It’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity” @ Nossal High School Monash Challenge (Access Monash, 2019)

7 Ways in 7 Days @ “Small Steps to a Bigger Change” Student Conference (Suzanne Cory High school, 2019) 

7 Ways to Climate Consciousness @ Monash Knowledge Summit (Monash University, 2019)P

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