Watch-it Wednesday

Get informed

What can you do?

Watch-it Wednesday is an opportunity to adopt an attitude of ‘wanting to know’ and reaffirm your commitment to getting informed and remaining conscious to the realities of our climate and biodiversity crisis. The premise is simple: choose a climate-related topic you want to learn about and find something to watch (or read) to get you started. How deep you go is up to you and may vary from week to week. It could be anything from watching an online video while you do the dishes to hosting a feature length documentary screening for your extended family and friends.


Think expansively about the range of topics to explore. Alongside climate science, there are important ethical, economic, social, political, philosophical, spiritual and psychological perspectives to understand. You can also use Watch-it-Wednesdays to follow up on questions and conversations that come up about the other Ways through the week. Access information from a range of sources, including by attending lectures, workshops, and public meetings. And remember, getting informed needn’t necessarily be grim. Celebrating the beauty of the natural world, getting inspired by other climate activists, and learning techniques for vegan chocolate making are just a few joyous alternatives. 

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