Thank-you Thursday

Quit consumerism

What can you do?

Thank-you Thursday is an invitation to explore the possibility of filling up on the experience and expression of gratitude instead of stuff. You can do this with simple practices like sharing a moment of gratitude from the day or week just passed. If your stories are about other people, send a message to let them know and extend your circle of thanks. 

To cultivate gratitude among young kids, try a morning ritual in which they honour their favourite toy of the moment and then swap toys for the day to nurture a sharing mindset. Dissociating kids’ sense of themselves from their stuff is a valuable way to disrupt the blind adoption of consumerist beliefs


You can also use Thank-you Thursdays as a training ground to tackle your consumer tendencies head on. If you find you need to buy something, choose not to. Make do with what you have, give thanks, and fill up on the satisfaction of your own resourcefulness. 

In time, with an attitude of gratitude, we may start to believe that we do have enough. We are enough. And no longer hunger for more.

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